I – Johanna – have been dreaming for years to run a small hotel where people looking for rest and relaxation as well as people looking for sports facilities find a haven in which to feel comfortable. By a happy coincidence my boyfrind Markus found the Kapshof in Kössen in the Kitzbühel district (Tyrol) and which dates back to the year 1851. Although most parts of the house had been standing empty over years and were not at all ready for occupancy, Markus decided to buy it. We invested a lot of time and resources in the renovation of the old farmyard, always keeping in mind that we wanted to preserve the original architecture of the house. We were able to maintain the walls as well as the old wooden floor on the first floor. The old windows were replaced by new ones in order to isolate the house in the best possible way. The outward appearance of the house has not been changed at all. Our slogan at the Kapshof is „back to the roots“ – back to the origin of ourselves. Our original idea of not installing any electricity or hot water (like it had been in past times) seemed not to fit anymore and we complemented old, traditional facilities with modern comfort. A geothermal heating for more sustainability has been installed. Furthermore, we decided to buy our groceries only from farmers and companies settled in the surrounding area.

In summer 2014 our house is ready for occupancy. My vision of the Kapshof has been allowed to develop over a period of two years. I became more and more encouraged to establish a Yoga and Pilates house. Markus und I enjoy doing sports a lot and by doing endurance sports, yoga and pilates, we found a way to get our minds off our busy everyday working lives. So we decided to put all of our passion into this house and share our knowledge of yoga and other sports with our guests. Our yearslong experience in the catering and hotel industry also come in useful.

Thus, my concept and the name were born: KAPSHOF – THE YOGAHOUSE IN THE TYROL, a place where our guests feel comfortable, can relax, regenerate and do sports as the whim takes them.

I started to look for a team that could help me to fulfill the idea of the yoga house. With Nicole and Sabine I found two committed yoga instructors who completely integrated yoga into their lives and who are able to accompany our guests on their path of yoga in the best possible way during their stay at Kapshof. I give thanks to both of them for their contributions and commitment and I am looking forward to the great time we will have working together at the Kapshof.

KAPSHOF – THE YOGAHOUSE IN THE TYROL is a haven of comfort where you may combine body, mind and soul to achieve physical and mental balance. The Kapshof is a hotel where we do not impose any restrictions, but make recommendations. It is totally up to you how you would like to spend your yoga holiday – we merely support you and provide the facilities you need.