Our yoga instructor Nicole does not only teach you yoga but also helps you to find your balance by means of massages. Gabriele our massage therapist also offers her massages at the KAPSHOF.

My objective is to cater to your needs intuitively and to increase your vital energy mindfully and respectfully. Your wellbeing is near and dear to me and it is my pleasure to share my experiences with thai yoga massage with you and to help you find your source of power of life by means of careful and healing touches. Let me surprise you“

Thai yoga massage brings together body, mind and soul in a healing way. The massage uses an energy line system on which the therapist applies gentle acupressure using his palms, thumbs, feet, elbows and knees. Depending on the physical condition of the client, gentle stretching, joint mobilisation and passive yoga positions can also be included in the massage. Your whole body is relieved of tension and deep relaxation is induced. This meditative bodywork will permanently increase your whole wellbeing. The massage is performed on the floor on a mat and the client remains fully clothed.

The Breuss Massage is a very sensitive and gentle back and spinal massage that can dissolve physical, mental and energetic blockages. The amber oil used during the massage penetrates deep into your tissue, thereby supplying your spinal discs with essential substances and activating degenerative intervertebral discs. The spine is gently stretched, relaxed and re-aligned.

R.E.S.E.T. is a gentle method to adjust the jaw joint and to relax the surrounding muscles of the jawbone and skull. The jaw joint has an influence on the whole body, especially on the sceleton, the muscles, the energy gates (which include stomach, small bowel, gallbladder, large bowel and triple warmer) and the nervous system. By applying soft touches, the jaw muscles are energetically relaxed and adjusted. This helps your body to get its natural balance back.

The therapist warms up your back, neck and shoulder muscles in order to prepare them for the following cupping therapy. A sense of well-beeing an warmth flows through the whole back.

Pain reduction without undergoing surgery. The tape helps to activate the muscles, joints, lymph system, nervous system and the meridian system and to accelerate the body’s own healing process. Prices depend upon the amount of tape used and the time it takes to tape the client.

The treatment lasts between 60 and 120 minutes, depending on your condition and on what you and our therapist agreed upon prior to the treatment. If requested, the treatment can be longer.

The massages are not meant to replace medical treatment, but they can prevent diseases and preserve your health.

If you want to make an appointment  before the beginning of your holidays, please contact us either via email or by phone 0664 24 44 458. Treatments are usually available on Tuesday and Friday between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. Appointments for Thai Yoga massage, Breuss massage and Lomi Lomi Massage are available every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. Appointments for all other massages may be scheduled by availability. Even if you are not a guest in our house you have the possibility to enjoy a massage performed by Nicole.

Thai Yoga Massage
60 minutes I 66 €     90 minutes I 84 €      120 minutes I 108 €

Breuss Massage
30 minutes I 42 €

R.E.S.E.T. – jaw joint relaxation
45 minutes I 48 €

25 minutes | 35 €
50 minutes | 65 €

Prices depend upon the amount of tape used and the time it takes to tape the client.

The consultation prior to the treatment and the rest period afterwards are not included in the times given, so please make sure to arrange enough time for your massage.