Mental Training

„Mental training is the conscious control and manipulation of your own ways of thinking and behavior. It is a collection of methods and techniques that allow for a positive thinking and positive way of life. This leads you to start to use your mental resources in order to see difficult circumstances of life as a chance to fulfill your dreams and achieve your goals.”


  • You would like to feel happy and enjoy life.
  • You would like to calm down and relax.
  • You have set yourself a goal which you have not achieved yet.
  • You pursue a goal in sports (either in competitive sports or as a hobby) and you need support to achieve it.
  • You will have to deal with a difficult situation in the near future (e.g. salary negotiations)
  • You feel stressed in certain situations and you would like to react in a different way or to deal better with it.
  • This and a lot more can be influenced by mental training…

I completed my education as a certified mental trainer in 2013. During the one year the training lasted I learnt how much influence my thoughts and my subconscious have on my feelings and how much potential I have got within myself to deal with difficult circumstances in life and to change entrenched patterns of behavior. I realized that I can achieve everything as long as I really want it myself. I am impressed by the fast and easy way mental training can change one’s life and I am looking forward to passing the knowledge I gained on to you and to accompanying you on your way.

You can make the best of your holidays in a twofold manner. Yoga will open your mind to new ideas and will ideally prepare you for the mental training lesson which will last about 50 minutes. I will accompany you on your way and support you to help yourself. Let me surprise you with what will happen. You alone decide on the number of lessons. Sometimes one appointment may be enough, sometimes it may take some more.

Even if you are not a guest at the Kapshof, you can arrange an appointment (depending on availability) directly on site, or in advance via email ( or by telephone (0664 24 44 458).

The first lesson (50 minutest) costs € 45,-, every further lesson amounts to € 60,- (10 units cost € 550).